Why Seoul is so cool and how YOU can make it even cooler?

4 min readOct 27, 2021


Named the heart of South Korea, Seoul is considered a global city because of its influence on international tourism, entertainment and business.
In addition to being a global powerhouse, it has a distinctive charm and very cool element to it. Let us show you how you can discover that cool and distinctive charm of Seoul. If you read far enough, we’ll also tell you how YOU can make Seoul even more cool.

  1. Visit historical palaces.

One good way to understand their past is to visit the historical palaces in the city, some of which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To name one, Changdeokgung Palace is known for the conservation of its majestic structure that represents historical architecture in East Asia as well as its vibrant ecosystem.

The Changdeokgung palace with a Korean woman wearning the traditional hanbok

Try out their nightlife and food markets.

Topping the list of food markets in Seoul is Myeongdong Night Market. You can enjoy Myeongdong with lots of delicious dishes to choose from. A highly recommended Korean street food to try would be their tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage).

Myeongdong night market

Don’t forget the world-famous Korean BBQ!

Speaking of Korean food, don’t dare to miss out on the famous Korean samgyeopsal while you’re in Seoul. One of the best Korean BBQ restaurants is called Saebyukjib, and it’s open 24/7. It is perfect for your after-party stop. Saebyukjib is also said to be the most visited K-BBQ restaurant by foreigners, as the location is chic and the meat choices are quality.

Korean BBQ

Enjoy a chimaek (chicken-beer takeout) while watching a beautiful fountain show.

Food tripping in Seoul doesn’t stop at trying out K-BBQ and tteokbokki. One of their “Seoul foods” is a surprisingly perfect combination of fried chicken and ice-cold beer. Talk about being serious not just in their technological discoveries but with their cuisine as well! According to some locals, the best chimaek experience will be in Banpodaegyo Bridge Viewpoint at nighttime.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

Appreciate Seoul from the top of Namsan Tower.

Have you watched the hit K-drama with Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye-sun as leads? It’s one of the early favorite romantic comedy series in South Korea, and Namsan Tower has a special part in their love story. You get to enjoy the whole of Seoul sightseeing from the roof deck of the tower and sip a cup of coffee with your own Gu Jun Pyo.

The view from the Namsan Tower.

Chill in this cool and dreamy two-dimensional cafe in Seoul.

Another cool thing about Seoul is this particular cafe that looks somewhat unusual. Cafe Yeonnam-Dong 223–14 became trendy because of its uncanny interior and design. Heads up to visitors who have vertigo because going to this cafe might trigger it. Upon entering, you will be brought to canvas-like interiors with pencil-outline designs as if you are part of a drawing.

Yes, it’s real :)

Influencers featured this cafe, making it known on social media. Be ready for a long line of visitors upon arrival since this spot has become viral.

Pick up some Korean cosmetics.

You’ve probably already heard about the K-cosmetics rapidly gaining tremendous popularity all over the world. When you are in Seoul, you should definitely discover another cool gem of Seoul — Korean cosmetics.
They can be found almost anywhere in the city, but the biggest selection of Korean cosmetic brands for any skin type can be discovered in the Myeongdong district.


Try some Korean fashion.

There is no doubt that an important factor of Seoul’s coolness is its unique fashion. Korean fashion can be experienced on any budget: from browsing through designer boutiques at Lotte Department Store to hanging out with college kids in the artistic Hongdae district and its market.

Korean fashion

Even if you don’t care for the particular relaxed street look of some Korean fashion, with oversized clothing elements mixing together the aesthetics of rock and hip hop, this discovery will undoubtedly lead you to experience other cool elements of Seoul.

Apart from these cool things to do in Seoul, you can also make it cooler! Yes, you can make Seoul even cooler by joining this brand naming and video contest. The goal is to make Seoul the World’s Beauty Capital. Spearheaded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the brand competition is open to all, with attractive prizes prepared for the most creative ideas. The deadline to submit your brand name or video ideas is November 7, 2021, so you’d better hurry to participate here.




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