All 61 Foreign Government Scholarships for international students (over $200M in scholarships every year)
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We have have repeated for thousands of times so far that studying abroad is the best experience that you can have in your 20s and in general, one of the most enriching experiences in your entire life. It will give you the opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and find out a different perspective on many things. You will be able to see your life, your own country and your field of study in a different light. Not to mention that studying abroad allows you to experience and share moments that you would never have the possibility otherwise.

And yes, studying abroad is not for the rich only. In every moment there are thousands of scholarships available for studies abroad offered by Universities, Governments even companies. We would suggest you to use these powerful features in order to never miss any opportunity.

The most lucrative of those are foreign Government scholarships targeted to international students. Many foreign Governments want to attract foreign students to their countries and they usually offer very generous scholarships and conditions in order to attract the best and the brightest.

Here is the list of all foreign Governments’ scholarships available to international students.

1. Japan

Are you drawn to the charms of mystical Japan? This is a unique country that offers high standard of living, security and an unbelievable mix of traditional and modern. Just imagine all the exciting food, world heritage sites like Mt. Fuji, and culture and tradition you will get to explore. It is a country of high educational standard that will definitely provide you with a unique perspective. If you want to know more about what it is like living and studying in Japan, you can find out more here.

Japanese Government Monbukagakusho Scholarships — Scholarship for: Undergraduate, Master, PhD studies

If Japan with all its wonders is your dream destination and you would like to pursue studies there, then you are in luck as Japanese Government provides a number of diverse scholarships for all levels of study each year.

In addition to scholarships for undergraduate studies and to pursue research on Master or Doctorate Level, Japanese government also offers financing for college of technology students and Japanese studies. There are different eligibility requirements for each type of scholarship so make sure to read more about them here.

What does it offer?

The full scholarship mostly covers paid tuition fees, monthly stipend for living and a round-trip airfare.

How to apply?

In order to start the application process you usually have to be screened by the Japanese embassy in your country. Make sure you contact or check the official website of the embassy in your country to read more about the scholarship requirements and application process. To give you an idea of the timeline, the applications usually open around April and close around May or June. Do note that the deadlines will depend on your country of origin and that they may change every year. The application process for this scholarship is quite long and requires some prior preparation, so if interested make sure you visit the official website of the Japanese embassy in your country for detailed information, as soon as possible.

For Japanese studies and some research studies you need a University recommendation instead of the embassy one so make sure you read closely through the requirements for the type of scholarship you are interested in.

Fine Print

Worried about your Japanese skills? Do not be! If studying in Japanese you will usually go through Japanese preparatory education and then study your program.

2. Sweden

When I think of Sweden independence, high standard of living, gender equality, innovation and openness immediately come to my mind. This is a country that is at forefront of many fields, from social and gender equality to technology, innovation and sustainable development. This is a country that can offer a truly unique study abroad experience, that will leave you with many lessons learned.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for: Master, PhD and Postdoc studies

I was one of the lucky students to be awarded the Swedish Institute scholarship and have had the pleasure to spend two years in Sweden while pursuing my Master’s degree in Psychology. This was one of the best and most rewarding experiences in my life. Thankfully, Swedish Institute is offering amazing scholarships that can help you as well experience the Swedish educational system and at the same time learn more about the Swedish way of life. Trust me this country will leave you in awe! If you want to learn more about what it is like to live and study there, please do look at this Study in Sweden blog where you will get to read about experiences of international students studying in all parts of Sweden.

Swedish Institute is a Swedish public agency that promotes Sweden around the world and helps reach country goals concerning foreign policy, education, international aid and development. They also offer a very well developed scholarship program for Master, PhD and Postdoc studies. The conditions will vary according to the type of scholarship you want to apply to, so make sure to check the full list of scholarship programs here. One of their biggest programs is the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships scheme that awards over 300 scholarships each year to ambitious students from developing countries (OECD/DAC list) to pursue full time Master studies in Sweden!

What does it offer?

The SI scholarships offer full funding, including tuition fees, monthly stipend that covers living costs, airfare ticket and health insurance. You also become a part of their Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL). Being a part of this network means you have access to a number of events that will teach you about sustainability, human rights, innovation and many other relevant topics while at the same time you get to network with other talented scholarship holders from all over the world.

At the end of my scholarship period we had a graduation ceremony that was held at the Stockholm City Hall where Nobel Prize banquet is held and it was a truly magical experience. With this scholarship you don’t just get to experience world class education, but you also get inspired to actively pursue the things you believe in. It is definitely more than just a scholarship.

Fine print

If interested in Master’s study scholarships, you first need to submit an application for the Master program you are interested in, usually by beginning of January, and then apply for the scholarship by beginning of February. You can also search for the scholarship on and set an email reminder, so you won’t miss this amazing opportunity! The scholarship covers only certain programs so make sure you check the eligible program lists!

Do note that this list can change, so make sure to check which programs are eligible when the call for applications for the year you are applying in, is released.

3. Greece

Ever thought of studying in a country full of breath-taking views, where you could be close to the beautiful sea coast and get a chance to learn more about one of the oldest cultures in the world? Even if not before I think you are considering it now!

Greek Government Scholarship — Scholarships for: All levels

There are many different types of scholarships offered with some of them even focused on financing Greek Language and culture studies! This must be good news for all the Greek culture and history enthusiasts! Conditions vary from country to country and thus the best way to find out more about the scholarships is to check the website of the Greek embassy or consulate in your own country and search for scholarship information there. Here is a complete list of Greek embassies. You can also find them on, as it takes your citizenship into consideration the moment you search for scholarships in Greece it will show you only the scholarships you are eligible for according to your citizenship.

What they offer?

Bachelor studies in Greece usually don’t have tuition fees, hence scholarships are usually in the form of monthly stipends that typically amount from 450 to 600 euros. Health insurance and food is also typically provided.

How to apply and when?

The application process starts between May and June.

Fine print

Check a Greek embassy website in your country to find out if there is a scholarship program offered for people coming from your country and what the conditions are!

4. South Korea

Enjoying K-pop at its source, discovering developed science and technology, closeness to some of the most famous companies worldwide like Samsung, and not to mention having access to many neighboring Asian countries, are just small snippets of what you can experience in Korea!

Korean Government Scholarships -Scholarships for: Bachelor, Master and PhD studies

Korean government can help you realize your dream of exploring this country and their education as it offers quite a comprehensive scholarship program. It offers scholarships for 4 year Bachelor, 2 year associate degrees, 2 year Master and 3 year Doctoral degree programs. If you are worried about your Korean language skills, do not worry. The scholarship usually covers a one year language program, where you will master Korean in no time.

What they offer?

The scholarship covers airfare, monthly and a settlement allowance, tuition, medical insurance and a language tuition fee. You can find more details here. If you want to know more about the application process, eligible universities and countries for the scholarship you can also read information available here .

How to apply and when?

You should check your local Korean embassy or consulate’s website for more information about eligibility and how to submit your application. Sometimes the application process is also run by partner Universities, so check if your local university has an agreement with a Korean Institution. Although, deadlines for applying will depend on which country or university you will be applying from, you can expect to have to submit your application around February — March. Or just simply stay tuned to HeySuccess and use notifications to get notified when this scholarship is opened.

5. New Zealand

Ever since watching the Lord of the rings I have had this fascination with New Zealand! This island country is home to incredible beauty, kind climate and is one of the safest countries in the world. Living conditions are not too shabby, I would say as New Zealand has been at the top of the lists of best countries to live in for years now.

Scholarships for: Undergraduate, Master and PhD studies

This governmental scholarship scheme offers actually four different types of scholarships for pursuing tertiary education in New Zealand. The scholarships are available for undergraduate, master and PhD studies, although conditions and criteria will depend on the type of scholarship you apply to and which country you are coming from. You can find more information about the scholarships here. To qualify for the scholarship you also have to apply to be a student of one of eligible universities and institutes of technology. Each country also has preferred subjects that the scholarship fund would like to finance and that are relevant for development needs of your home country. All of this can get a bit complicated, so make sure you go through this very useful eligibility checklist!

What they offer?

The scholarships cover tuition fees, a living and establishment allowance, medical and travel insurance, round trip ticket between your home country and New Zealand, home leave or reunion travel for some eligible scholars, pastoral and academic support at your institution, and assistance with research and thesis costs for most postgraduate research students

How to apply?

Application period is usually open from February to March. You can find a detailed list about application deadlines dependent on your home country and type of education you are applying to here. To avoid missing this amazing opportunity you can always set reminders through your HeySuccess profile and get notified when the applications are open. You can find out more about this here.

6. France

France is a very well-known and diverse Western European country that can offer both relaxing time at Mediterranean beaches and exciting adventures in medieval cities. It has one of the most prestigious educations in the world and has a long tradition of welcoming international students. It has started accepting international students since the Middle Ages with founding of La Sorbonne the first French University some 800 years ago. You can find some more reasons on why study in France here.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program — Scholarships for: Master and PhD studies

The Eiffel Excellence scholarship program was established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can help you pursue your studies in lovely France. It funds Master’s courses and for PhD students ten months joint supervision or dual enrollment in one of French Universities. The scholarship is focused on giving awards to students from three main fields of study: sciences in a broad sense (for PhD level) and engineering science, economics and management, law and political sciences.

What they offer?

The scholarship will vary depending on your level of study, but do keep in mind that tuition fees are not covered by the scholarship! If studying a Master’s program, a monthly allowance of €1,181 can be awarded for 12–36 months, while for PhD studies, the scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,400 and is awarded for a maximum of ten months. Regardless of the levels of study the scholarship covers international return trip, social security cover, and cultural activities and in certain conditions there is a possibility of receiving an additional housing allowance.

How to apply and when?

Applications are not accepted from applicants directly. You need to contact either the French embassy, Campus France office in your country or the international relations department at the university you would like to study in and then they need to support your application for the scholarship. If they decide to support you, they lead the process of applying for the scholarship. You can find detailed information about the scholarship and application process here. The applications at Campus France website open around October. You can get a reminder when the scholarship applications open on HeySuccess website. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

7. United Kingdom

Ever dreamed of studying in the UK? Do you want to have a chance to among many other things explore the rich history and culture, visit one of the most talked about cities in the world (London) and expand your knowledge of English dialects? Lucky for you there are many scholarship schemes offered in the UK for you to explore!

Chevening Scholarship (UK) — Scholarships for: Master studies

If in addition to the desire to visit UK do you also already have some professional experience and want to have a chance to experience all the UK education has to offer, then the Chevening scholarship is for you! Chevening Scholarship is a United Kingdom governmental scholarship scheme for international students. Scholarships are awarded each year to eligible students from 144 countries and are usually given for a one year Master program. Be sure to check out the conditions for your own country as eligibility criteria can vary from country to country. The scholarship is also only available for certain courses, so be sure to check which courses are eligible, as well.

What they offer?

The full Chevening scholarship usually covers: payment of tuition fees, economy travel to and from your country of residence, arrival, departure and travel top up allowance, cost of an entry clearance (visa) application, contribution of up to £75 for TB testing where this is required, a monthly personal living allowance to cover accommodation and living expenses.

How to apply and when?

Applications open in August and close in November. You can find the entire timeline of the application process on the official webpage. If you want to be reminded when the applications open and before the deadline you can set up notifications on your HeySuccess profile. You can learn how to do that here.

Fine print

Keep in mind that it takes around one year for the entire assessment to be made. The candidates are shortlisted in January and February and then in June the following year the results are announced.

8. Turkey

Turkey is a country with rich culture and connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Just this fact is enough to showcase that Turkey has many things for you to discover.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarships — Scholarships for: All levels of studies

Jamal Mwanja had his dreams come true when he received the Turkish government scholarship to go from his homeland of Uganda to study economics in Turkey. He lived in a small village and unfortunately was not able to afford to go to college. He started teaching children from his village to read and write. One day he travelled to the capital of Kampala to buy material for his classes and then unexpectedly saw the posters for Türkiye Scholarships. He applied immediately and a couple of months later got the scholarship and the opportunity to attend a university as he has hoped. He was fascinated by Turkish language, saw snow for the first time and got to see his country in a different light. He hopes to in the future help children from villages in Uganda gain education. You can learn more about his story and read others experiences of studying in Turkey here.

He is just one of hundreds of students that get scholarships to study in Turkey each year. Turkish government offers a very comprehensive scholarship program for studies in all levels. There are 6 different scholarship programs for undergraduate studies depending on different countries that are eligible, like the Balkan scholarship that is directed at students from Balkan countries. This scholarship covers all fields including Medical Sciences, Islamic Studies and Turkish Language and Literature.

Two types of scholarships for graduate studies are available as well. Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Scholarship for students who want to study towards a Master or PhD degree in fields of science, engineering and technology. Students who wish to study social sciences, including Islamic Studies and Turkish Language and Literature are covered as well with the İbni Haldun Social Sciences Scholarship. Both of these programs are open to foreign students from all countries.

Short term scholarships, for learning Turkish language up to 8 months or research studies are available as well. You can find out more about all of these interesting programs here.

What it offers?

The scholarship offers monthly living allowance, stay at a public dormitory for free at your host University, waived tuition fees, health insurance, round trip airfare and a paid Turkish language course for one year. Even if your desired program is not in Turkish the language course is obligatory.

When to apply?

Applications are usually done through the online system and dates of applying depend on the scholarship program and level of study. To give you a frame of reference applications for graduate studies are usually open around January and February, and for undergraduate studies around March. You have the calendar of important dates here. You can find some important answers and frequent questions about the scholarships here.

9. Italy

Rich history, architecture, fashion, food, tradition, culture, art and there is no stopping when it comes to Italy and what you can discover there. A friend of mine who studied in Italy told me that you could just walk every day through streets of Italian cities, do nothing else and never get bored.

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Scholarships (MAECI) — Scholarships for: Master, PhD, Specialization and Research studies

Italian government with the aim of promoting Italian language, culture and science, as well as to foster international cooperation offers scholarships to carry out study, training and research projects in Italian Universities. Scholarship covers University courses on second level, Master’s and PhD Degree courses, Specialization Schools, research under academic supervision, courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM). They also offer scholarships for courses of Italian language and culture and training/refresher courses for Teachers of Italian language. You can find more information about the scholarship program here. You can find a list of Universities in Italy for which you can use this scholarship here. Only applicants from specific countries are eligible to apply and you can find a list of lucky candidate countries here. Very detailed information about the scholarship is listed each year in the call for applications, so be sure to watch the official website for the call to be published. To give you an idea of the requirements and what to expect from the application process here is a call for applications for 2017/2018.

What they offer?

Scholarships can be offered for periods of three, six or nine months dependent on the level of courses you are applying to. To find out more about the value of scholarships be sure to contact the Italian embassy in your country.

How to apply?

You need to apply online through their application system. The applications usually open around end of March. You can use HeySuccess notifications and set a reminder. When applications open up you will be notified. This is a good way not to miss an opportunity you are really interested in.

10. Mexico

Mountains, deserts, jungles and beautiful beaches come like all in one in this beautiful and diverse country. Not to mention that you get to explore those more ancient times through visiting famous ruins left behind by ancient civilizations. Can you imagine the thrill of visiting and learning more about one of the most famous ancient cities of Chichen Itza left by the great Mayan civilization. It is indeed a country where you get exposure to more traditional and historical side of Latin America, but also get to enjoy all the comfort of large, bustling, vibrant cities.

Scholarships for: Undergraduate, Master, PhD, Postdoctoral and specialisation studies

If you are dreaming of visiting this country and learning more about Mexican way of life the Mexican Government offers scholarships to students in more than 180 countries to study at one of 90 Mexican Universities. So, one can say that options are there, now you just need to find the right one for you! Scholarships are offered for Undergraduate and Graduate Mobility programs, for graduate level research and postdoctoral fellowship, specializations, Master’s and Doctorate degree studies and Medical Specializations and sub specializations. You can find a list of institutions and programs that are eligible to be financed by the scholarship here.

What they offer?

A monthly stipend, tuition and registration fees (depending on the program and institution you apply to, sometimes it is not included), health insurance and round trip airfare is covered by the scholarship. Do keep in mind that if you would need a language or preparatory course before studying in Mexico, these costs are not covered by the scholarship. You can find more information about the scholarship here and detailed instructions in English here.

How to apply?

The entire application process has to be run through the Mexican embassy in your country, so make sure that you consult the information available there. Here is a list of Mexican embassies.




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